Security Systems

Security Systems

We complete the best security systems services across the UK to ensure your home and workplace remains safe.

Intruder Alarm System

Intruder Alarm System

We have available a number of intruder alarm systems to keep your house safe in the event of burglars.

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Security Systems

We are a professional company working to provide the best securtity systems to ensure your house and workplace is protected. As professionals in the industry we can offer you the best alarm systems to ensure burglars will be deterred from your home. Feel free to get in touch with our team if you wish to speak to us about the various alarms that we have available. All you need to do is complete the enquiry form on this page and we will get back to you with a quote and more information on the systems we can provide.

Alarms Systems

When it comes to CCTV Installations, Security Systems Services have all the experience you need. We have been established for more than 14 years, offering work for both domestic and commercial clients. We are always happy to arrange an on-site survey and free consultation as well as answering any questions you may have. Please get in touch with us today and Security Systems Services will be pleased to help. We can carry out a range of services including:

  • Both colour and black and white camera systems
  • Internal and external cameras
  • Standard, dome, covert, bullet and day/night Infra-red cameras
  • LCD colour and black and white monitors
  • Wireless remote viewing of your camera system
  • CCTV recording equipment

In addition to our CCTV installation service we are NICEIC approved electricians who also install burglar alarms. For more information fill in the enquiry form today.

Burglar Alarm Installations, Upgrades and Repairs

Make sure the security and safety of your property is optimised by calling Security Systems Services. With the right security system fitted throughout your property, you will be able to have peace of mind, knowing your building, loved ones and belongings are as safe and secure as they could be. We offer security system solutions to both domestic and commercial customers no matter how straightforward or complex the system.

A Comprehensive Security Service

We carry out a full survey, recommending what you need for each room in the house. By assessing access points, we evaluate risks to your home security to make sure you get the right amount of protection.

Intruder Alarms Near me

We provide customised security and CCTV systems for your home and business, whether large or small, to suit your particular needs and budget.

An intruder alarm should complement the protection provided by good physical security measures by acting firstly as a deterrent – the majority of convicted burglars say they intentionally avoid homes with security systems – and then by detection of an intrusion at the earliest possible moment and providing a local audible warning. Additionally, security systems that are connected to our Alarm Receiving Centre will ensure that the client, or their key holders, are informed and, where appropriate, the police informed.

We can also provide ‘smart’ systems where the security system is connected to your broadband and it will inform you via your mobile phone, tablet or computer, of an activation the moment it has occurred.  

A security system for your home or business should be custom designed according to how the premises are used, and should offer a balance between convenience to the user, the best possible security and ease of operation.

Security Systems Services can provide and install security and CCTV systems to any scale, so whether you are looking for a commercial intruder alarm, residential burglar alarm or a wireless alarm, to protect your home and family or business premises we can provide a free, no obligation, survey and provide a detailed quote showing you a suitable and cost effective security solution.

CCTV Security Cameras

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is usually used as a crime preventative measure. Security Systems Services Systems is a leading provider of CCTV solutions for all commercial and residential properties throughout the UK.

67% of UK burglars say CCTV would deter them from targeting a property. When protecting your home and family, high-definition CCTV cameras mean there’s no place to hide.

Commercial & Residential CCTV Solutions

  • Intelligent image control and processing
  • Individual and multiple camera installations
  • IP addressable camera systems
  • High resolution colour systems
  • Internal and external cameras
  • Concealed and specialist cameras
  • Low light cameras/low energy infra-red lighting
  • Digital video recording systems
  • Remotely monitored/recorded camera system, tannoy talk-back system
  • Internet based camera systems
  • Motion activated camera systems
  • Intelligent retail video analytics systems

Home Alarm Systems

Crime is a fact of life, and at Security Systems Services we know the true cost of burglary is not just what they take, it’s what they leave behind. Our alarm systems are effective deterrents to burglars, and offer 24/7 protection to help you avoid the emotional trauma of being a victim.

From Security Systems Services wireless alarm systems complete with lifesaving smoke and poisonous gas detection, to our intelligent Security Systems Services Smart Home security and home automation solution, choose one of our home security systems and get the best protection for what you hold dear.

Every local home alarm system we install is monitored. Choose one of our monitoring packages, and when your alarm is triggered we contact you, your keyholders - and even the police – giving you time to secure your property.

Our wireless alarm systems are at the heart of your home security. With the latest technology and 24/7 monitoring, they help reduce the chance of becoming a victim of crime.

CCTV Security Systems Near Me

Whether it’s your home, business or surrounding area, we all take comfort in knowing that what we care about is safe and secure. You may not be able to be on guard 24-hours a day, but thanks to CCTV cameras and other home security camera systems, you can protect what matters to you, without the ongoing expense of employing a security firm. Using ‘DIY’ CCTV systems also provides a visible deterrent to intruders, while the modern technology used in many security camera systems today means you can integrate your cameras with your TV, PC, smartphone and tablet.

We’ve got tons of deals, offering you the best CCTV kits at great prices. Take a look at our guide below, which offers information on some of the security and home surveillance equipment we stock, as well as advice on what equipment might best suit your needs.

Security camera systems

Choosing which CCTV system is right for you will depend on what you want to monitor (your near by home or your office, for example), what you need to film (high resolution, black and white, colour), and how you want to connect your system (through a TV, a monitor, or record through a digital video recorder (DVR)). If you want a hand choosing the option that’s best for you, try our CCTV Solution Finder to find the system closest to your needs.

CCTV kits

Complete CCTV kits contain everything you need to set up ‘DIY’ security surveillance in and around your property, giving you peace of mind whether you’re looking to keep your home or commercial property safe from intruders. Home CCTV kits will typically contain the cameras themselves, a DVR to record any footage captured, plus all the cables and CCTV power supplies you need. Everything is in the one box and easy to install, taking the hassle out of purchasing CCTV. Plus, the Securix, Sentient and Swann CCTV kits we stock all offer free app downloads, allowing you to remotely monitor your premises from afar. In the 1TB Security Recording Kit with LCD Monitor, you will also find, as the name suggests, a 15” widescreen CCTV monitor to display anything the cameras pick up.

Wired, Wireless and IP Cameras

If you already have a CCTV kit and are looking to extend the network of security cameras for your home, we sell both wired and wireless CCTV systems.

If you need to record what are you are viewing, wired CCTV systems provide the best picture quality with zero interference. Wired CCTV cameras most commonly use BNC plugs, which can be connected to your TV using an adaptor, or directly into a DVR. However, wired cameras can be more difficult to install and cannot be easily moved to another location.

Wireless security camera systems take away the worry of video cables running around your property and near me– all you need is a power source. Using the latest digital technology, some wireless CCTV cameras offer an improved transmission range of up to 200m. Although these cameras are often easier to install and move around than wired ones, they can sometimes suffer interference from other wireless signals, like WiFi networks.

Internet Protocol cameras, or IP cameras, work in a similar way to traditional webcams, by sending and receiving data via the internet. IP cameras offer as open or closed access to the footage as needed, while the images recorded can be viewed remotely using any PC. However, these cameras are often more expensive than wired and wireless cameras.


DVRs enable users to simultaneously monitor and record numerous cameras with motion detection triggers. Any recordings are saved onto the DVR hard drives and can be played back on the DVR itself, or transferred to alternative media. When choosing your DVR, it’s important to consider how many cameras you need it to record. A 4 Channel DVR can be linked up to four CCTV cameras, an 8 Channel DVR to eight cameras, a 16 Channel DVR to 16, and so on. If you’re looking to gain the benefits of a high-end CCTV system in minutes, consider a PCI or USB DVR, which plug directly into the back of your PC.

CCTV Accessories and CCTV Power Supplies

We offer a wide range of CCTV power supplies, connectors, tools, and other accessories, including CCTV test monitors, which allow you to check the positioning of your cameras. (The Xvision 2.5” CCTV Test Monitor even comes with a handy wrist-strap, leaving your hands free to adjust the camera). For more information on security systems please fill in our contact form and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.