CCTV Installation

CCTV Installation

We can complete CCTV installation throughout the UK to ensure you receive the best security systems. We can install CCTV for homes, shops and other commercial areas, so please get in touch today.

UK CCTV Installers

UK CCTV Installers

Our UK CCTV installers can offer the best prices for security system services across the country and can reassure you that you will get the top services making certain you receive effective results.

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CCTV Installation

Whether we are installing or maintaining our systems, our CCTV inatallation staff are specialists in all areas of CCTV. Whether we are installing a simple home system to act as a deterrent to burglars or a complete and secure system for a business or public sector building. The most important thing to a person committing a crime is not being caught. CCTV is a major deterrent as it means that not only does the criminal have to contend with the crime but they must now also disguise themselves. This often makes them stand out before the crime has been attempted. With the latest forms of detection we can detect and record criminals before they have attempted a break-in or theft. When these systems are remotely monitored we can then either call the police or guarding service, or use a public address system to warn them off.

CCTV Installers near me

In recent years the quality of recordings has increased dramatically. This is mainly due to the use of digital technology within the CCTV industry, providing better pictures at a dramatically reduced cost which has made the systems so affordable that they are fitted not just to high risk businesses near by but to homes as well.

A small domestic system will allow you to view around your house from your television as well as to review recordings of previous day's activity from your computer. You can if you wish even access the system from any internet point in the world or from your smart phone!

Cameras no longer need to look like traditional cameras and can be discretely located where you need them most and with the minimum impact to the aesthetics of your building and surrounding areas.

The best format to record a picture in is colour because this is the medium we see in. The problem with colour cameras is that as the light level falls the picture soon begins to break up and become meaningless.

At low light levels monochrome cameras are far more sensitive. The solution is a camera that is colour during daylight hours that becomes monochrome at night.

Home CCTV Installation

Our team of experienced CCTV installation specialists work near by and around the UK area on a daily basis. We are happy to provide quotations for businesses and home owners looking for new CCTV Systems, as well as repairs and upgrades to existing installations.

CCTV already plays a massive part in the security plans of many Manchester businesses. Deterring crime is especially important in a city centre landscape – as well as being able to monitor and record staff and stock.

Crime in UK

Reports of theft and anti-social behaviour are on the rise. Investing in a CCTV system is a simple, cost-effective way to lower the risk of your business or near by domestic premises becoming part of these statistics.

Our trained staff can help you decide on the best system for you or your local business so you can get the closest results to what you desire.

We can offer:

  • Professional installation and monitoring to minimise blind spots
  • The latest cameras and equipment with court-accepted imaging
  • Comprehensive maintenance coverage from our network of engineers

CCTV Installation Companies

CCTV is a great way of enhancing security at your home or business.
Not only does it allow you to keep a watchful eye on your property and loved ones, more importantly it acts as a visual deterrent to deter potential intruders thinking of entering your property.

Whatever your CCTV requirements, Installer-net have the technical resources and expertise to professionally install a wide range of high quality Swann CCTV Systems at your home or business

CCTV Installation Costs

For the CCTV installation costs, please consider the factors which need to be considered:

  • Consider why you want to install a CCTV system! (Examples: General Security/ Door Entry/ Site Monitoring etc) Once you have decided upon the primary reason for installing the system, the next consideration should be the number of different camera views that will be required to meet your CCTV system requirements (Example: 4 views - Drive Way, Front Door, Back Door & Side Gate).
  • Consider the number of Channels required on the DVR unit (now and in the future) to view/ record and all the camera views (1, 2, 4, 8 etc) Also consider any potential requirements for Remote viewing access on a suitable smart phone or tablet (Example: You may choose to purchase an 8 Channel DVR Unit to support 4 Cameras today and have spare capacity for 4 more cameras later).
  • Select the number & type of Cameras required to build your CCTV system. Main camera types - Bullet / Dome/ TP/ WA/ PTZ/ Day Night) (Example: You may decide to purchase 2 Standard Bullet cameras for door entry and 2 Wide Angle Cameras for looking across the front/ back gardens).
  • Think about how you intend to monitor your new CCTV imagery You will need to ensure that you have a monitor with suitable connections for the selected DVR unit (Example - HDMI/ VGA connections required).
  • Give serious thought to where the cameras will need to be located and the distance between the cameras and the DVR unit - Also think about Cable routing, containment and possible cable extension requirements (>15m).
  • It is important to remember that there is adequate working power sockets available at the central position where DVR unit is to be located (Examples: The Monitor, The DVR and the Cameras will all require power).
  • Customer wishing to utilise the remote viewing facility will require a suitable portable device (Mobile Phone/ Tablet) and adequate broadband services on site and on the mobile device to access the CCTV System (Router access will also be required).
  • Once you have selected your DVR, Cameras and additional items please review the standard installation overview and consider any non standard/ bespoke requirements that may be needed to complete your CCTV System.

You have lots of choice when it comes what type of system to go for. A basic “no frills” home CCTV system is great for general monitoring of your home, however if you need to provide evidence in court (not everyone wishes for this) then you will need a more specific set-up – and for this we recommend a professional installation.

If you need to identify someone from your CCTV home security system, and need to present this as evidence in court – then the subject should be no less than 120% of the screen. Often this is hard to achieve with a cheap DIY CCTV System, so we recommend a professional installation. If you don’t need such evidence, you can get away with a cheaper system. Remember not to sell yourself short.

It is not only large homes near me that are using CCTV – many home owners are looking for the reassurance that CCTV provides them.

  • Monitor your home while you are away or on holiday
  • Record activity for review at a later date
  • Actively deter criminals by using signage and cameras
  • Keep an eye on who is visiting elderly or dependant relatives

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Get a quote today by filling in the application form on our website. A CCTV installation is a great way to monitor your property, just let us know!